About DASH & Co

DASH & Co Catering House is a trendy Ottawa based catering company with an online café storefront.

At DASH & Co, we specialize in cookies, treat baskets, upscale mini desserts and cookie platters for all types of events. We also offer edible wedding favours, and can customize most of our menu items to compliment your theme or event. 

DASH & Co believes that as a business, it is the personal responsibility of the company to support and give back to the community in which it thrives. We are committed to using locally sourced and sustainable products to help support the community and promote positive relationships with local vendors. 

A    bout Dash..

"For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in cooking. Being able to combine different ingredients to create a certain taste and incorporating various methods of cooking to produce a dish with layers of different flavour intrigues me. I believe that we eat with our eyes first, so the initial presentation is very important. As an artist, I am very creative, so cooking and baking is a great opportunity for me to display that through presentation and color composition.

Another one of my passions is travel. I have been very fortunate to visit and eat in some truly amazing places around the world, and enjoy bringing those culinary experiences back home to my kitchen for others to try. I would say that is where I get my inspiration on new dishes each season. It's fun to throw a modern spin on an old favourite". 

Owner of Dash & Co Catering House